Think About It (Really)

I can't believe I'm the only one thinking this--what I'm about to propose that is. Worse than the pandemic--far worse--is the political mess in which we live. We lack a brilliant mind. We lack leadership. We lack unity. (When was the last time you felt like you lived in the United States of America as opposed to what it really is, the Divided States of America?) We lack a system that is tried and true, that works and benefits everyone. We lack being a country--oh, those bygone days--that succeeds under duress (see, "We lack leadership") For these reasons I suggest for the upcoming presidential election you do what I plan on doing, writing in the name of someone who is both brilliant and capable of leading us and providing the aforementioned desirable qualities: Bill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots. Think about it. Really think about it. Imagine seeing the following men standing side by side in a lineup come November: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Bill Belichick.

Who would you most trust to make winning decisions, to come up with a system that succeeds, to hold everyone accountable, to make sure everyone does his job, to come up with a great defensive plan, while hiring smart men and women around him to handle special teams, offensive game plans, line coaches, running back coaches, receiving coaches, and kicking duties; a multiplicity of brilliant people, representing different races, cultures and backgrounds, all of whom, working together with the same goal in mind, will ensure, if not a championship, an organization that stands for excellence, that receives proper respect from near and far, that makes everyone stand and listen and want to run through a brick wall if necessary. It's a no-brainer, my friends. Hands down, there's only one choice.

Oh, but running the country is nothing like running the country, you say. You're right. Leading a successful franchise for twenty years, with six championships to prove it, is harder. It requires round-the-clock commitment. There would be no "vacation" trips to Florida and Arizona, no golf tournaments, no manipulating fact and fantasy, no greedy ulterior motives, no corruption. Okay, so he's not great at press conferences, and he doesn't change his expression from day to day. Who cares? He'll get the job done and make America great again. Given his resume, his past achievements, it won't be a flash-in-the-pan success. It will be enduring, decades at least.

So, what do you say? Join me. Write in his name. Here it is again in case you're unsure of the spelling: Bill Belichick, for President--to restore and hold proud the name--of the United States of America.

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