The Worst Man-Child in the World

He never heard the word "No" as a baby or a boy. He groped his first woman when he was just a toddler. He made his first racist comment when he was in preschool, and he first dreamed of cheating the I.R.S. before entering grade school. He is the worst man-child in the world. He is Donald Trump, the next president of the Divided States of America (unless he pops like a temperamental slice of toast and gets impeached before his inauguration.)

Somewhere Niccolo Machiavelli is laughing: Throw virtue and morality to the dogs! Didn't I say the means justify the end, especially when a man acts in harmony with the times?

That said, what are the times of which Donald Trump was in such harmony? The times are these: we live in a world where there is a prevalence of avarice, fraud, embezzlement, lying, cheating and groping. So, yes, Donald Trump acted in harmony with the times.

Well, at least we know where we now stand--or how far we have fallen.

Can you spell H-E-L-L?

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