Go Gentle into that Good Night

Thankfully, it's over.

Or is it?

Will Donald Trump and his legion of followers (I can't bring myself to write "supporters" for a supporter implies one who is intelligent, as opposed to one who follows--as do sheep) "go gentle into that good night"? Or will they "rage, rage" against the dying of their vision (which is no vision at all). Will they allow the democratic system to proceed democratically? Or will they undemocratically undermine the vote--and will--of the people who have said resoundingly:

We do not want hate, intolerance and vulgarity; as a nation of evolved people (I am dreaming here), we want love (not hate), tolerance (not intolerance) and respect (not vulgarity).

I hope now we can move beyond the shenanigans of the last year: having to hear day after day phrases such as "a rigged election" and "F.B.I. investigation of emails" and "misogyny toward women" and "the avarice of foundations" and "second amendment enthusiasts taking matters into their own hands" and "cheating the I.R.S" and "keeping out the rapists and murderers across the border" and . . . (Have I not made my point?)

Yes, the race for the presidency is over. But is "it" over? Can I now say I live in the "United" States of America (instead of the "Divided" states)? Please let "it" be over. I want to be able (when I go abroad--or even when I go to my local store) to say "I am an American, and I am not ashamed to say so."

I say this to Donald Trump and his (baaa-baaa) followers: Go gentle into that good night. Though you believe your "dark is right," we, as a nation, have a need to move into the light.

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