Trump Needs to Study for his Next Test

Donald Trump failed his first test. I refer to the protests occurring throughout the country in response to his nomination. He responded to these protests on twitter, writing that the protesters were "incited by the media. Very unfair."

To explain why he failed, I will first analyze his "incited by the media" phrase. Mr. Trump is delusional in saying that. The protesters were not incited by the media. They were incited by a man winning the election after having promoted a racist, intolerant agenda in his campaign, which was enthusiastically endorsed by KKK organizations. They were incited by his incendiary, offensive comments about Muslims and Mexicans and his misogynist words and actions toward women. The protesters didn't need the media to tell them that this man is potentially dangerous to the American people's psyche and welfare.

As for his "very unfair" comment, I'll first say this: it is absolutely fair (in fact democratic and constitutional) to protest, as long as the protests are peaceful. Aside from that fact, it's significant to point out the irony of his "very unfair" comment. Here's what's really unfair: it's unfair to condemn all Muslims for the acts of a few; it's unfair to label illegal immigrants rapists and murderers; it's unfair to insult and degrade women, either by groping them or telling them they are fat and ugly; it is unfair to cheat the I.R.S. and the American people by not paying appropriate taxes; it's unfair to ridicule disabled people; it's unfair to run a campaign with a message of bigotry and false promises to unemployed white men in America's heartland. That's what's "very unfair!"

If he wanted to pass his first test, he should have said something along these lines in regard to the protests: "I understand that people are apprehensive and upset. We are a divided nation right now, and it is a great challenge for my presidency to heal the wounds. I want to assure everyone, though, that that is what I intend to do. Stay with me, give me a chance, and I will do my best to ameliorate your fears and show you that I am, indeed, a president for everyone."

By saying only "very unfair" Mr. Trump insulted the protesters, undermining the justification for the protests, giving them every reason to remain fearful and upset.

Donald Trump failed his first test. Thus, he needs to do his homework and study what it is the vast majority of people in the nation are feeling. Next time (and there will be another test!) he needs to do a great deal better than "very unfair" if he wishes to have any success turning "Divided" into "United."

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