The Door to Hell has Opened

Why do I feel the door to hell has opened, and we, as a nation, have fallen into its abyss? It must be because Donald Trump won the the election and will become the 45th president of the Regressive States of America. I know I am not alone in believing that with his nomination we have turned back the clock in America, when we lived (comfortably I might add) with bigotry, hatred and intolerance.

I'm trying to understand how this happened. Policy aside, which is usually full of false promises anyway, did his supporters (mostly white, rural, working-class, with limited education) not mind the many racist and misogynist comments he made during his campaign? It's shocking that his beliefs and behaviors mattered little or not at all. What kind of message does this send to others, especially young, impressionistic people? That it's okay to say whatever you want--no matter how insulting or offensive--whenever you want, disregarding what is appropriate and civil, because in the end you will be rewarded anyway?

What's true is that in choosing to elect Donald Trump his supporters chose to take a bite from the apple in the garden, deceived by a devil of a man, who has no experience in government and limited knowledge of politics--and even less of humanity.

This moment in American history bodes poorly, as does a nightmare. Democracy, though an ideal, failed us, for too many voted for a man who doesn't believe in democratic ideals. He believes in the accumulation of wealth and power, at any cost.

Divided, we have fallen, and the price to pay is ours, as we look up from the abyss, wondering how or when we will ever get out.

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