It's Time for Him to Change

I didn't sleep last night. As I was lying in the dark, thinking of Donald Trump winning the presidential election, I felt like I had fallen into an abyss. I turned on the light and began writing several different blogs, none of which I finished. I resigned myself the rest of the night to lying in the abyss and suffering its effects.

I left the abyss this morning after deciding to let go of fighting the election result. The blogs I started in the middle of the night either condemned or lampooned Donald Trump and his legion of followers. I didn't finish them because I saw nothing good or positive in them. The election is done and over. The people of America made their choice. Neither I nor anyone else can change the result. Therefore, it is time to move forward.

Five and a half years ago, when I became sick, I adopted a philosophy I call irrational optimism. I now call upon that philosophy once again to appease the many unsettling thoughts I had last night. Here's my irrational optimism in a nutshell: Though Donald Trump exhibited little in his campaign through words and actions that can be called humane, I want to believe he can change. He now has a great responsibility. He has to change: for himself and for his country, which at present could justifiably be called "The Divided States of America." I want to believe that much of what he said--the many offensive comments which promote racism, intolerance and vulgarity--reflect more a man desperate to grab the spotlight than someone who believed his own words. I say this because he is, after all, a New Yorker, and New Yorkers--I speak from personal experience--talk as much from their backsides as from their mouths and often do not mean what they say.

Now that the shenanigans of the campaign are over and the election has been settled, I hope Donald Trump no longer feels he has to act bombastically, insulting minorities, women, and the fundamental natures of fairness, liberty and justice to make his presence known. Let's hope that underneath his bravado there lies humility and compassion: qualities he will need to have even a measure of success.

I confess I am trying hard to put a positive spin on what just transpired. If not for that positive spin, with what am I left? I already experienced the answer last night: lying in the dark in an abyss.

I prefer to sleep, and in the morning see some light.

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