Convention Thoughts

As much as I would like to believe the Democratic love fest will energize the American people and complete its successful campaign on election night in November, I remain wary, for good reason. Sometimes Americans, regardless of what is right and sensible, vote for change. While the Democratic platform reflects openness, positiveness, and fairness for all, uneducated Americans (Trump supporters) do not care about those characteristics. They want to ban immigration and subjugate women and people of color. Because they are uneducated, they rarely access sense and reason, choosing instead to follow their emotions. If these uneducated people are dissatisfied with their status in life (how can one ever be happy when he is uneducated?) he often wants to blame something (the system) or someone (the president). Thus, he believes change--for change's sake--is the right choice.

I am wary because I know it would be naive of me to assume that just because the Democrats are smarter, wiser and more fair that they will experience a slam-dunk victory in November. Emotion is an intoxicating drug, clouding sense and reason, and everyone knows Trump appeals to those already in possession of anger, fear, frustration and hatred. The critical question is this: who or what comprises America? Are the majority of its voting people uneducated, emotional, and hard-headed? Or are they educated, reasonable, and open-minded? I would like to say the latter group is the correct answer. My brain, though, informs me otherwise--after all, the Brexit vote is still fresh in my memory.

I don't want to be wary. I want to be hopeful, believing that voters want what I want: love, respect, and justice for all. I can't recall a time in the recent past when America was at such a political crossroad. Let's hope we choose the right path--in this case the one we've been on the past eight years (and not the one less traveled).

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