Born and raised in New York, where I was fortunate to have come of age in the 1960s in a mostly Italian-Irish working-class neighborhood on a street where Brooklyn ends and Ozone Park begins, I have since traveled far in body, mind and spirit, having received a B.A. in Theater Arts in 1979 and an M.A. in English in 1983. Afterwards, I spent thirty years of my professional life as a theater director and writing teacher in San Francisco Bay Area schools. Now retired, I have turned my focus to traveling, researching and writing, with a particular interest in English, Italian and New York historical literary fiction. I reside in San Mateo, California, where each of the following books were written both in the comfort of my home and in my friendly next-door library.

Books include:

Teaching Drama: Fundamentals and Beyond

Hope Beyond All Hope: New York Stories

The Hitchhiking Journals: Traveling by Thumb in the 1970s

The Florentine Trinity

Thorns in a Realm of Roses

The Great Matter Monologues

On a Street Where Brooklyn Ends

In Search of My Lost Lives

Plays include:

The Burrow People

A Tyrant for all Seasons

Mr. Teetree’s Children (one-act)

Someone is Watching (one-act)